Influence Motivation, Environment Work, and Workload Against Employee Performance At PT. Anugerah Sinar Mustika Medan


  • Raynaldi Sinuraya Universitas Prima Indonesia
  • Ega Yulisa Ginting Universitas Prima Indonesia
  • Shinta Cl. stev Dance Universitas Prima Indonesia
  • Desi Natalia Gurusinga Universitas Prima Indonesia
  • Yovie Ernanda Universitas Prima Indonesia


Motivation, , Work Environment, , Workloads, Employee performance


This study at determining and analyze the effect of motivation, work environment, and workload on employee performance. This research is descriptive and associative. The research population is all employees totaling 105 people, and a sample of 83 people. The research method is quantitative. Data collection techniques used interviews, questionnaires, and documentation studies. The data used were primary and secondary data. Then the data was processed using the IBM SPSS Statistics application. Results: motivation, work environment, and workload simultaneously affect employee performance, and partially all variables affect PT. bounty Ray Mustika Medan.


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